Involuntary Snowcone

I had such an eventful day that I am just too dead dog tired to talk about it. Sarah and I spent about ten hours up at Sundance today scouting out alternate venues for Valhalla and boy oh boy we did not walk away empty handed. Footage and reports forthcoming.

We currently have a "Drop Pod" special running which is $550 flat for Valhalla-- you just need to get here. And that means the airport or train station where we will even pick you up. We then figure out your accommodations as we see fit. This has worked out in the past. We have various other options notably a room for a couple ($990). Remember, once you buy your ticket you put away your wallet. We treat you like a king for four days, three nights.

Remember, it's all food, lodging, game events (ie wargames), and most transportation. The June Valhalla is almost certainly going to be here. Just wait til you see the places we are considering. Plus there is a whole resort for the wives or for late-night outings. As we understand it at this time that's live music, restaurants and spas.

On the way down from one location, very high up in mountains, I was backing down a side road. There are twelve foot embankments of snow at this time of year (they will be long gone in June, for the Warhammer Fantasy event) and I had the window open so I could hand my head out. Well the side view mirror scooped off a basketball-sized chunk of snow and deposited it on my lap, my seat, and down my boots.

This place is so beautiful it will break your heart. It looks like Narnia.

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