About the New Building

What I can chew = 100
Valhalla = 65
New Building = 65

That's my life in a nutshell. I am being stretched.

Projected growth = 30

Let's talk about the new building. It is on a half acre in downtown Spanish Fork. Without going into detail, it's a very real possibility that we could own it, thus fulfilling a long-time dream of mine to actually own the ground. This will set the stage for bigger and better things for the company, my family, BTP workers, the local community, and the gaming community throughout the nation and the world. It's a big rock in the pond.

As for the building itself it's fifty by eighty feet with two levels. That's 8000 square feet. Our current studio is just over 2000 square feet. So that's quadruple the space, enough to grow in for many years to come. And quite affordable. On top of that, there is a 1500 square foot double-bay warehouse out back.

Both levels feature a main room, open and spacious.

Built in the Forties, the building is build like a bunker with fourteen inch concrete on the bottom (even one interior wall downstairs is 14" concrete) and triple brick on top, virtually without flaw. There are enormous beams and steel reinforcements in the main structure along with massive pillars of wood. They don't make them like that anymore.

The downside is that the building was pretty gross. A bit like "Hoarders", smelly, a mazework of ramshackle "improvements", oddball side rooms, dead flies, an archaeological dig of decades of businesses. As usual we are coming in and making it beautiful. Not a small project. I can't go overly into detail. Hopefully you will see the finished product at the end of May. It will make you cry tears of joy.

It's the money. Raising funds for this has been a real beast. I was talking with James today and he reminded me of all the schools and infrastructure being build overseas. And it just makes me terribly upset. Not that I want a government handout, but it would have been more productive to keep those resources stateside, just saying. Smalltown businessman struggles, pacing the floor late at night, while billions just "go missing" in the middle east.

Sorry to end on a sour note.

Time to fight for my dream. Fight.



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