Got this from a fan

Hi Shawn, here's a copy and paste of a post I put up in "the truth hurts" and "beasts of war" forums concerning WFB. If you have any thoughts on this I'd love to hear it..

"Maybe I missed some kind of legal ramification, but why havn’t we, the Warhammer gaming community, created our own worldwide, internet based gaming standard? What I mean by that is a website that balances games such as GW through a community based voting system. It would be completely grass roots to start with, free, and open sourced. So basically you have a website where each member has an account with an associated email, and each member gets one vote per multiple choice item. For example:

What should the toughness of a Steam Tank be?

A) 10
B) 7
C) 8
D) 6
E) 5

Each item would have some kind of time length for the voting, after which the majority wins and then this becomes THE standard for the game – WORLDWIDE, and there’s nothing stopping the community from revising the new ruling after it’s been played for a while.
It’s time for the players to take control of the game. We’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, on the product and we deserve better. We have the models and the books, all we need is for continuous play balance via community based input. I’ve been considering starting this site myself, but I’m not that savvy about web page creation, html, etc., but I might just start a simple site to get the ball rolling..

I know there is direwolf, but it’s not enough. There needs to be one independent website that EVERYONE goes to for reference. The GW armybooks would just be a starting point… One main thing I would stress though, is to avoid nerfing as much as possible, and instead focus on boosting – that way players don’t have to shelf their models, and if anything it should promote sales of new models.."



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