"My name is Gregory. I am a thirty something wargamer, and I just got my order from Blue Table Painting in the mail. I have to say I really did feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The miniatures turned out great, which is really saying something since my armor color is black, an interesting color to create details on.

"Even more than the miniatures, I found Blue Table's customer service top notch. I never once called and got an answering machine. Every time I sent a question through email it was responded to so quickly I remember thinking 'does this guy ever sleep'.

"Finally when the minis arrived, they came with a letter of assurance stating that if anything was not what I wanted then all I needed to do was let them know, or to feel free to call them with any technical support I may need. Top notch service through out the transaction. I definitely recommend Blue Table Painting to my friends, and for anyone that loves the idea of miniatures more than they love the idea of spending all there free time making and painting there figures. Once again thank you Shawn, and Blue Table Painting for a job well done."




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