I started bright and early today, something like 6:30am. I got dressed in a hurry and headed out before all the kids were up. That's how I avoid that whole mess. I said a quick prayer with my lovely wife and out the door I went. My car's heater doesn't heat up fast enough for me to get warm before the seven-minute drive is over. Maybe if I thought ahead.

Sarah and I spent part of the morning looking for alternate and backup Valhalla sites. There are a ton of good places up at Sundance, but we weren't able to get a hold of too many places. How do these businesses stay in business when they don't pick up? I am becoming increasingly irritated by flaky people.

I found out today that Shannon dreams of being a funeral home director. She's like Wednesday Addams a bit with morbid regard.

The studio is heated up white hot again. I am doing quite a log-rolling dance to keep everything running smoothly and I am currently on top, which means I am pretty much caught up and answering emails as soon as they come in. I have five (five) people with the lash lain to them pretty heavy down in assembly and we are on track to be caught up soon with the exception of a few very involved projects.

With the advent of Tomb Kings I am very excited. Great new models and I have always loved Tomb Kings. I even made an army from my pre-BTP days. It was called the Hidden Oasis. I even won a few games with them. If I beat you down at the local club it was cause for ridicule; "hey everybody, Carl lost to Shawn, come over here so we can mock him!"

I took a walk around the neighborhood just to clear my head. There is a LOT going on that I can't tell you about with Valhalla and the new studio. You will hear it all in June most like. We suffered a pretty hard reversal last night, but I am rolling with it. The major challenge now is it will take $X per week to do the improvements we need to make before moving in. Overages on time have now put me in the unenviable position of paying rent on both places. Again with the log-rolling dance. So, I thank those who have made orders and been supportive. Please don't stop. A) I promise to give you good service and entertainment for years to come in this new and wonderful place, and B) show you how it went when we are done. It's quite a miraculous transformation of this old building. I can't stress enough what a positive impact this will make on the community, all our families, and the gaming community. This place will bring joy to your eyeballs for years to come.

Frankly, I have a hope and a dream that perhaps a supporter will come forward, maybe best in the form of just pre-ordering a year's worth of work. We really need to come up with money to make the place use-able.

I got home around 8pm and watched some cartoons downstairs with my wife and my darling Willow. She's got eight teeth on top and eight more on bottom now. There's no stopping those chompers. And now I go the reward of a full day's labor: a good solid night's sleep.



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