Infinity Update

I've been corresponding with Corvus Belli recently. It's a company from Spain that makes Infinity. There are remarkable parallels between our two companies. Anyway, they are sending me some models with which to do demo games. Here's a letter I got from Carlos which I thought might be of general interest.

Hello, Shawn.

I’m Carlos, from CB. Nice to receive a message from you.

Fernando told me to help you with Demo army lists and rules.

I’m sending here two army lists for demo games, as you requested.

Let me put here a few photos of the miniatures that will feature in that demo game.


This will be a 7 miniature army, made by just 2 products.

ALEPH starter Pack (Six miniatures)

MARUT (Big powerful robot)

Japanese Sectorial Army

This will be a 10 miniature army, made with this products:

JSA Starter Pack (6 miniatures)

Aragoto Senkenbutai (2 bike riders)

O-Yoroi Kidobutai (Big tripulated armor)

Ninja (Yes, a ninja)

We will send you these miniatures ASAP.

By the way, using our website, you would be able to download everything necessary for playing. Let me put here some links and introduce you to everything:

Quickstart Rules by Beasts of War. These could be also useful for understanding the basic game mechanics:

Basic full Rules from the first book:

Weapon and Army lists form the first Book:

Rules from the expansion Book (Infinity: Human Sphere):

Weapon and Army lists from the Expansion Book (Infinity: Human Sphere):

Ok, looks a bit dense. I know. That is why I did these Youtube videos. Making everything more visually understandable. I recommend you to watch these videos before trying to get into the game.

Ok, those were the BASIC ones. Enough to get into the rules. BUT, people find them very useful as a support tool. So we decided to make more with the most complicated rules:

Cammo Rules Video 1:

Cammo Rules Video 2:

Cammo Rules Video 3:

We are actually remaking this last videos with new versions with new voice over by Warren from Beasts of War. They be probably published by the end of the week.

I’m sending to you with this message two Army lists made with this program: Devil team´s Infinity Army 3.0:

In this program you will also find link to the: Infinity Wiki: This site is a free online Wikipedia of the rules, very useful for rules clarification or just to finish any forum flame.

And I guess that is all.

Have a nice day.



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