Weaponize a Pumpkin

At this moment I am at the studio, enjoying the peace of an empty upstairs. I can hear the clock ticking.

I'm eager to set up new projects. Yup, ready whenever you are.

The plan: finish up my inbox and hopefully get in a game. I got in my cards from Privateer Press (only $0.50 per card yay, but $8 for ship, groan) for Warpwolf Stalkers and Warpborn Skinwalkers. Nice. Naturally I didn't have the cards because I used Confrontation models. In fact, I'm on the hunt for some Fiannas to be my Druids. Anyone?

My wife is now up and about, feeling good and back to her super-cheerful self. She's still a little sore. The last few days have been a carousel of Sisters from the neighborhood bringing food and helping out with the kids and home. What a delight. I am a firm believer in the ability of local community.

I'm re-watching the two only seasons of Better Off Ted. Well, it's going in the background while I do my work!

Last night I got an almighty muscle cramp just below my right clavicle. I couldn't figure out why. Flashback! On Thursday my fellow scoutmaster and I took the boys bowling. Josh and I got our own lane and got in a contest to see how fast we could throw the ball. I want to take the staff bowling. What a blast.



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