Week in Review

So, what is going on?

At BTP we're doing a notable round of hiring. It's different this time because I am not only trying to fill a position right now, but set up for the coming year. We've got about twenty on the roster and I think it will be more like thirty by the end of 2012. And fifty by the end of 2013. That will put us at the max capacity for the current building.

It's a pretty good round. I have to narrow forty applicants down to one hire and a few potentials. It's like American Idol. During the first rounds it's all about weeding out the train wrecks (who invariably cannot self examine). But then it's the good stuff. While it is time consuming, it's well worth it. I really like humans.

I figure it takes $500-1000 worth of man-hours-labor to get a good hire. We are very, very picky about who we let paint your miniatures. Layers upon layers of tests and trials. But it is draining.

At this moment I'm eating fruits, vegetables and water. I am thick with the heavy food I've been eating the last week: pumpkin pie and steak. Just wolfing it all down. Thank you God for this great life. I don't deserve it.

We wanted to do more Batreps this week and indeed I had Jon (tall skinny guy who used to do assembly for us) come in for a Fantasy rep with his Goblins. Classic matchup: gobbos v high elves. BUT guess what? I had an interview go overly long and there was no way to do it.

More to come.



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