So Far, So Good

So, what's going on in the world of Gately?

It was quite a busy week on account of the Treasure Trove sale thing and that was nice. It's normally slow over Christmas week which makes me a bit of a scrooge as clients and employees scatter to the four winds. However, this week was strong and I was pleasantly astounded to come in and find that staff were showing up early (like 7:30am) to put the heat on our various projects. Everything was sewed up by Saturday afternoon. A few people even showed up on Christmas Eve (Renn, Zanna and Ben). I am ever so impressed. BTP staff "get it" and they don't need to be prodded into action.

I only sold one studio army, leaving the Tyranids and Orks to use for Batreps. And the High Elves. We have Ogres just done and Skaven en route. I had hoped to get the Ogres up by the weekend, but alas not so. But they are done. Price tag: $2400.

While out and about I caved to the years-long temptation to get Starcraft II. I got to the counter but came to my senses. No Starcraft for me yet.

As we approach eight years of BTP I have a sense of satisfaction. So far so good. All that work has paid off and I am optimistic. There were dark times around the four year mark, five year mark. It was hard. Recently I have concluded that the best thing you can do for another human is to give them a job. Or can you really "give" that? A job brings self-reliance, self-respect and all the necessities (and sometimes niceties) of life. It is the cure for poverty. Every poor person, if they only had a job they could do, and maybe even enjoyed, would not want for the necessities. I'm thinking of how I can make that happen for low-skill workers. Hmmm... I'm more concerned with my own workers for now. How can I turn this into a true middle-class profession where BTP workers/artists can own their own home, pay their own medical bills, and afford the niceties of life. The middle class is getting ripped in two in the US. I am filled with a mix of compassion and (non-violent) rage.

So far so good though. Last year when we had about ten workers I did a round of interviews and I could see the agony and desperation in people's eyes. It filled me with a grim determination: how many could I save from this misery? I had to find the right people for the job, with the right skill, but also an appreciation and understanding for how great it is to work for BTP. Since then I've pulled about ten more people into the life boat.

What is at the heart of Christian life? To go about doing good. To bind up the wounds of the afflicted. God's own work: to life up the Fallen. And to do it quietly and anonymously.

I am feeling good. I found a great local chiro who is non-invasive and homeopathic-style. So my back feels a ton better. And inside my soul I feel a remarkable sense of calm. God (that guy I met) has been good to me; merciful and kind. His goodness is unmerited, apparently a free gift.

Next week: Fantasy Batrep with Ogres and getting in the maximum number of games of War Machine. And 40K of course. In 2012 we are really going to ramp up our game.

Christmas Day
I'm at home with the family. Last night and this morning we just had the typical, even stereo-typical, Christmas. Reading the Christmas story, tree, presents, pajamas. Well, maybe it's not typical. Anyway, I'm enjoying my family all this morning, just hanging out. My four kids (ages 3, 6, 10, 12) are a delight; they are so thankful, obedient, kind and individual. I can't get enough of them. Half me and half their mom, the woman I love.

My desire to get to work is temporarily suppressed.

PS- my big splurge for the kids was an Xbox 360. Now to hunt down more good games for it.



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