Wasn't feeling well over the weekend so I took a Nyquil and it got lodged halfway down the pipe. I mean really lodged. I ran to the bathroom sink and retched, in the end, so hard that it pulled nearly every muscle in my torso. I could feel them popping in rapid succession. Monday I could barely move. But that didn't stop me! I can't let a perfectly good Monday morning go to waste.

I am currently caught up. Just waiting around to set up new projects. Studio Necrons are out of assembly. Color? Why teal of course. And due to be painted, mostly completed, this week.

We are looking at picking up a couch for the studio. Second hand it was like a tenth of the normal cost. Yay! Going to look at it this morning (Tuesday). I'm pretty stoked. This is the Christmas present for studio and staff. A nicety.

Here's what's making me smile today: Cats of War.

As many know I have reactivated a secondary Youtube channel: gatelymusings I plan on continuing the Gatelynomics series there as well as personal stuff.



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