Dark Angels Update

Got my Dark Angels book first thing Saturday.  The local shop didn't stock the new models very deep and I didn't want to be douchey and buy them all up so I didn't pick up any new releases.

Saturday afternoon I finished the mega battle report which was a huge undertaking at every step.  You can see that on Youtube of course.

In the afternoon I ran to Costco to pick up some Sunday foodstuffs including a treat: some frosted cinnamon buns.

First impressions:
The new Land Speeder Vengeance is a turd.  Nothing good about it and $35 more than a regular land speeder so no thanks to that.  Maybe just maybe the Darkshroud version (with the icon thing) at 80 points might have some potential.  I like synergy.

My impression of the Deathing: Holy McCheesus!  They are so cool.  They are loaded with new models, new options, and just shred-tastic all around.  Ravenwing are amazingly cool, too.

A knot of Deathwing, deep striking around a Ravenwing Teleport Homer, (unerringly on turn one or two), with the Company Banner (+1 Attack to all within 6").  I see Deathwing as a very tough army, a nightmare to deal with.

My Dark Angels list is going to be mixed.  I'm thinking something like this.

2x Heroes (Probably get a Belial in there to make the Deathwing into Troops)
2x full Tactical Squads (20x models, combat squaded up)
2x Rhinos
5x Veterans
1x Drop Pod
5x Scouts (Sniper Rifles)
5x Deathwing Knights
5x Deathwing Terminators
6x Ravenwing Bikes
1x Nephilim Jetfighter
1x Land Raider Crusader

I have this wild hair, this wild idea.  A "Fiero".  To build the entire Chapter of Dark Angels.  One thousand models plus a few hundred vehicles.  It can be done.  And bring it to Valhalla in say... August.



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