Why I Love Home

Got this letter from a client/friend.  It sounds about right.  I love home and for now at least I am content.  Wife, Children, Home and Hearth.  A hobbit hole means comfort.

Hey Shawn,

I think your thing with traveling might just be the trip itself...sometimes, or very often, the actual journey can be a total pain.  Getting to the airport, the rushing, the often crowded conditions, the chaos...it can be overwhelming, and when things are like that, I'm entirely not into it.  That said, every now and then it works out so that the actual trip itself is awesome...relaxed, fun, and interesting...all good.  I think I have a good dose of natural wanderlust in me, though, because more often than not I'm totally into just going...somewhere, anywhere.  Feeling a rumbling engine underneath me, or taking off into the sky into some unknown...I dig it.  In fact, a lot of time actually arriving at our destination is a bit of a bummer for me...I just really loved the ride. 

From watching you and listening to you for years now though, Shawn, I really think you might be somewhat personally anti-travel for a very simple reason (which I could be waaay off on, but who knows...), and that is this; you've already made it to your destination.  You've been all over the place for a large portion of your life, and at last you've found a place you really, really love.  Home.  It's beautiful, you have everything you need there.  Why go anywhere else?  Your trip is over, and you've made it.  It's actually a really beautiful thought, and a state of being that I think many would be envious of...myself included:) 

Hope all is well, Shawn, can't wait to see my army, and look forward to hearing from you!




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