Empire Testimonial


I received the first package for the Empire Army last Thursday, it took me two days to unpack it, and Shawn is right ... it kinda ruins Christmas!  Every rolled pack was like opening a new present and I love it all; I have zero complaints about this Army and it is downright impressive how you can amass so much quality in to such a big project. It was also packed very well, I think I only had to glue back two heads; very marginal for shipping 400+ models.  It's also impossible for me to choose a favorite mini.  Here are a few (of many) cool things I didn't notice in the approval video or the Batrep. 

1. The dismounted general with the great sword sticking in the ground is GREAT.  I love that sculpt and whomever came up with it is genius - Awesome. 
2. The banners are 10 times cooler when seen in person (the whole army is like this, but especially the banners)  I love the skull decals and the BSBs are ...probably the best paint work in the Army, which is Saying Something!
3. The skin blends on the heroes' faces are downright impressive, I will never achieve that talent. 
4. I love the oxidation effect on the cannons and mortars - very creative. 
5. Limitless cool stuff

Also, I want to keep the convo going on the terrain coming with the project, and the custom foam for the larger models.Also, I attached my favorite still shot from Shawn's most recent morning show ... It truly captures why I love Shawn Gately !!! 
Yours Truly,
- T.M.



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