Necron Tactics- Named Characters

Got this in from a fan...

Hey Bluetable,

Just looking at some of your Necron Battle reports. Next time you field them you might want to use the Imotekh the Storm Lord in combination with Nemesor Zhandrekh.

  • So, for every turn of the game there is a strong chance of it being night fighting (from the storm lord). With the tactics special rules for Zhandrekh a unit shooting can have night vision, so you're firing clear as day while your opponent is blind, not to mention you'll have the ability of taking away furious charge etc in the same turn.
  • Zhandrekh and Imotekh are consider lords in the codex you can take two royal courts (they don't take up HQ slots). So, have four Necron Lords upgraded with weave, orb, warscythe & any extra goodies you want and place them within your troops choice (should be immortals) - just to keep them alive for the game (if they get charged you can give one of them counter attack from Zhandrekh).
  • Upgrade some Cryptek from the destruction and despair (I think they're called that).
  • Once done attach a Cryptek that now has the deepstrike ability to a unit of Lychguard and with a second unit of Lychguard attach Vargard Obyron (he will not take up a HQ slot if you're taking Zhandrekh, the Lychguard units should just have warscythes.
  • Due to night fighting you could bring a Stalker. However, it might be more advantageous to bring a long a C'tan for the added affect of their 'spells'. If You should attach a Cryptek to Imotekh the Storm Lord, bringing along a unit of Flayed ones would be interesting because of Imotekh's special rule pertaining to them.
  • To rub insult to injury bring two units of Canoptek Wraiths with coils, so those with high initiatives are brought down to one. Maybe add tank hunter to them if not one of the Lychguard units during your turn with Zhandrekh.
  • For heavy support I would try using the Canoptek Spider, even more so if there should be 'spell casters' and armour on the opponents side. If not then a Doomsday Ark will do just fine (maybe two). Flyers to me aren't that worth while.

Well that's what I came up with, try it out, would love to see how it preforms.

I have a little something for the Black Templars, from the codex so you end up with pretty much nothing more than a couple of scouts with teleport homers and snipers&shot guns. While the rest of army comprises of Terminators, drop pods, tech marines and one or two bits of armour.

Anyway keep up the good work,

Karl in London (England).



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