Trades that came in today

I have huge boxes here with soon-to-be-processed trades.

Here are the Tyranid models I have (all painted in various color schemes):
2 metal hive tyrants
1 tervigon (conversion)
1 trygon
5 carnifex
6 warriors
3 warriors converted to be tyrant guard
2 warriors converted to be Broodlords
3 hive guard (metal)
3 zoanthropes (metal)
3 raveners
10 gargoyles
67 hormagaunts
59 termagants

My Chaos Daemons army includes:
40 Bloodletters
3 Nurgle Blight Drones
3 Bloodcrushers
1 ForgeWorld Khorne Herald
1 ForgeWorld Khorne Daemon Prince
1 Skulltaker herald
1 Chaos Decimator Siege Engine

My Renegade army includes
2 Renegade Militia Command Platoon Command Squads
2 Renegade Rouge Psykers
5 Renegade Militia Enforcers
3 Renegade Heavy Stubber Teams
20 Dark Vengeance Cultists
20 Khorne Berserkers
20 Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines
5 ForgeWorld Converted Khorne Terminators
6 Forgeworld Rengade Ogryn Berserkers (all different variants and includes the limited edition $70 Ogryn choking a Death Korps of Krieg soldier)
2 Squads of Khornate Renegade Ogryns with 6 Hounds of Xaphan dogs
1 ForgeWorld Graia Pattern Hellhound
1 ForgeWorld Manticore Missle Tank
1 Leman Russ Vanquisher Tank
1 ForgeWorld Hellblade Chaos Fighter
4 Chimeras
2 Khornate Theme Chaos Rhinos
2 Malcador Super Heavy Tanks
1 Malcador Defender Super Heavy Tank
1 Valdor Super Heavy Tank Hunter (also a Malcador variant)
(Also I have a 3 man squad of unopened Renegade Militia Artillery Crew from ForgeWorld as well)



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