Advice on Eldar from GPK

Hey hey Shawn, working on my list and pics for the Eldar.

And now for a little pep talk. I play Orcs (3800) Tau (6400 points'ish) and Eldar (4420 points'ish) and I just watched your bat-rep video and I must say your army is awesome, just plain great. Your tactics need a little work.

I play lists very similar to yours, and win loss ration with my Eldar is something like 48wins 8losses of those wins 8 are in 5th ed and 0losses in 5th ed.

Ok warwalkers, when in doubt scatter-laser - 3 warwalkers 6 scatterlasers = 24 shots play lady luck (I usually take 2 teams of these yum)
- always ALWAYS try to take a farseer to give them guide, and to Doom your enemy.
^Against marine armies star cannons are godly.

Rangers are good if they are pathfinders, and if a target is 'doomed', a re-roll to wound is massive. (Again farseer)

Don't reserve your scorpions, infiltrate them close to pathfinders, most enemies will try to get your snipers after you start dooming them, and scorpions are my second favorite (tied with banshee's) Eldar close combat choice (harlequins are by far my beloved). If you can get scorpions into an assault against troops, just watch them tear things up, even marines and terminators.

Vypers are good, scatter lasers or bright lances.

Dire Avengers - Must have Exarch must have bladestorm, again play lady luck with these, bladestorm the poop out of some unit and then charge right in!

Ok lets not see any more losses, we here at GPK are counting on you Shawn, we are counting on the Oceanic Eldar to slaughter those uncultured pesky humans.



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