Rumbling Forward

Friday was a fast-paced sprint to the finish line. We managed to get all the Orks done and looking good in time for a battle report (which we played today, Saturday-- I've got 70 minutes of footage to edit for that). Almost everything is caught up. I even spent some time cleaning the place up.

I made a fateful decision today. The Magic has got to go. We're playing it too much. I can hardly expect to be successful at business if I allow such idleness into my life. I haven't played computer games for many years for the same reason. Oh, I want to, but it's just one of those things that needs to get sacrificed. So, I had my wife pick up my collection and stow it. I'm going to see if I can find a buyer.

I am working on getting things booked out to a more acceptable level. I've got to kick it into high gear. So, needless to say, I'm standing by if you have inquiries or orders! There is still one golden spot open for each of the IG specials.

Things are going great at home. My home is a loving and warm place; like a brood of badgers in a burrow. My wife is upstairs cooking oatmeal raisin cookies and making me a sandwich for dinner. The kids are enjoying a long lazy day-- they stacked every pillow and blanket in the house on the couch. They were proud to show me "Mount Comfortable" when I got home.

Today, the big news today is that I managed a battle report with the studio Orks. There is only one thing left to paint for them: a unit of Kommandos led by Snikrot. That will bring it to about 2300 pts. I'll have part 01 of the batrep up tonight for sure. And I still plan on finishing up the Ultramarines rematch, too.



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