Deep End

It was stormy last night. I was pacing up and down in front of my house, thinking, last night, watching dark clouds gather overhead. The pitter patter of rain drove me to the porch. My soul was singing, deep and beautiful. Then it began to rain in earnest, raindrops the size of bumblebees dive-bombing the pavement. Then the lightning and resounding thunder as the summer grew dark. The whole family gathered on the front porch with blankets, milk, and M&M cookies, counting the seconds between sky-rending flash of light, and foundation-cracking cloud-grumble.
I slept through the night last night.
Today I managed to finish up the rest of the Ork army (except for the Stompa, which will be a separate deal-- yes, I'm selling the Orks). It's 2400 pts now. Here are the new additions;
14x Kommandos (five from the box set and nine conversions, some from the old ork nob bodies)
1x Painboy (for the Nobz on foot unit)
1x Nob on Foot (bringing the total to seven nobz on foot, painboy makes eight)
1x Burnaboy
1x Snikrot (insanely cool figure-- he also allows the Kommandos to come in from any table edge without rolling, plus they can charge the same turn)
1x Ork Dreadnought (counts as a Troop with Mekboy HQ)
Ayup, that about rounds it up.
I've got several takers for the Pandora's Army special, and I'm furiously cooking up ideas for it. The door is still open if you're interested.



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