Ork Horde Gathers

Sorry kids. Daddy can't push you on the swing today. He's busy painting his Orks.

Over the weekend I managed to bring the horde to the following counts of stuff that is all painted:
30x ork boyz (40 more to go)
1x Mekboy with Kustom Force Field Projecta
10x Burna Boyz (with a mekboy in there, that makes 11)
1x Warboss on Bike, the Forge World one
9x Warbikes (can be Nobz)
1x Trukk

Still to be painted:
40x ork boyz
1x Snikrot
1x Ork Dreadnought conversion
1x Battlewagon (kitbash of ork battlewagon kit and a baneblade)
15x Kommandos

And that easily makes 2000 points.

My goal is to really hit the brushes and get them ready to play a game this coming weekend. Models that I actually have on hand add up to 1850 points. I ordered a box of Kommandos and plan on rounding that out to a unit of 15 with converted regular models, and the Snikrot which I already have. We're set.



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