Yesterday I headed off to the studio around 11am after a breakfast of biscuits and gravy.
For the last few weeks there has been a logjam in Assembly and that is just now working through. And then a logjam in Painting, but today the projects were flying off the shelves. Everything lined up perfectly.
I spent the afternoon working on the Skorne project. Wednesday is the trial run and I need to have at least 500 points worked up.
I'm booking projects for late July and early August. Best to get started early. There is still one golden spot open for the Pandora's Army special. I am working to see how that can be a permanent fixture; there has been a positive response from all parties.
The studio Redjaw Orks and Oceanic Eldar are both on the block, $1900 each. They are 2200-2400 pts apiece. I plan on creating a Stompa and Scorpion Grav Tank respectively for each which will be a separate deal. This price is a limited time offer, I will probably take them off the block sometime in the near future. Email me at for details.



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