Summer Breeze

It's midnight. I'm down at the studio.

That pic is of my interpretation of an Eldar Falcon. All parts are magnetized. I made an option for a prism cannon, but the crystal looks like a giant carrot, so I'm going to change the color.

With the help of some earplugs I'm managing to sleep through the night. I'm a light sleeper: birds chirping, dogs barking, and other nocturnal shufflings wake me up and I can't get back to sleep.

My mother-in-law has been in this week, which I mentioned before is yummy for my tummy. I've eaten great food breakfast lunch and dinner all week long. This morning it was scratch baked biscuits and gravy with some ice cold acai-berry juice.

The Hordes stuff is in and I should have my faction under the brush early this coming week. Renn and Brigh were getting in a practice battle today over lunch. Our goal is to have our factions all painted up and ready to roll by this coming Wednesday.

I have one (one) slot left for the Pandora special. I may have only sporadic communication over the weekend. If you want it, go ahead and send the $500 deposit. I will confirm and get things underway this coming week. It has been a real brainbuster to get these armies up to the points while keeping the cost reasonable, but I've got at least six good options cooking. It has been great for the creative energy.

The family and I headed out to a family reunion at an old pioneer outpost. That place reminded me of some of the dilapidated or abandoned mining, logging and farming settlements we would come across traipsing around the backwoods of Oregon. I took a nap in the car. I was getting cranky.

So it was around 10pm that my wife dropped me off at the studio to pick up my car and finish up some webwork.

My sincere thanks to those that visit this blog and the youtube channel. I really appreciate those that have supported Blue Table Painting.



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