Space Hulk is Here!

GW has this advertised as a limited run. They are sold out on the GW site!
I have bought five of them to hold on to for clients. These are pre-orders and are due in early September. UPDATE: these are IN! I have them on hand and ready to go NOW.
They will be for sale as a finished item-- all pieces assembled and painted as follows (total cost including game and shipping):

$775 at L4 (the pics include in this post are that Level)

$1050 at L5

$1475 at L6
If you already own your set of Space Hulk, you can save $100 off this price (since the set is included in the cost for this deal). If you want to send us the models already assembled you can save another $100. Be sure to get those mould lines off!
First come, first served. Deposit reserves the kit and the slot on the painting schedule.

Takes 2-3 weeks to turn around. If you want to call dibs on one, email me for clearance to make 0.5 down deposit. We can take requests for color scheme on Tyranids and some variation on the Terminators, but they are best standard blood angels-- they are loaded with iconography.



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