Yellow Marble

My wife was not doing well last night. Severe cramps and nausea. This morning a cat-scan revealed a kidney stone 10mm in diameter. Like a small marble. Too big to just use the poor person method of painkillers and toughing it out. She's gone into surgery tonight. I am home with the kids.

Super high deductible insurance. Hospital wants a major chunk up front.

Prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.

Don't slow down on your inquiries. We need the orders/work more than ever. I am on deck to serve your needs, not to mention BTP's amazing staff.

Oh, and a giant mechanic's bill to keep her car registered. Amazing. It makes me happy that I get to have challenges to make my character stronger. Just kidding. This really sucks.

UPDATE: Tamie is home and doing well. What a wonder, a great thing to be thankful for. Neat!



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