Extreme Midget Wrestling!

Last night we went out to Sushi, my wife and I, and we happened across Tori Amos. Apparently her music career isn't going so well as she's doing waitressing on the side. Once home we watched a few episodes of Shark Tank and then hit the hay. We're coming up on eighteen years and couldn't be happier.

Early this morning my wife's bell alarm went off. We're out for a family event up in Vernal, about a three hour drive into the mountains eastward and thence into the oil-bearing plains.

We rented a car since neither of our vans are in any condition to get up into the mountains. It's a black 2012 Dodge Caravan. The kids love it. They want to keep it. But oh well, not in the cards right now. Life is tough in the US right? On the way up Willow had to go pee and we forgot her portable potty chair, but once out in the bushes by the side of the road she lost her nerve and just held it.

At a gas station I came across perhaps the most awesome thing I've seen:
I want to go. Should I take the staff this Wednesday?

Jonah started dry horking halfway there, "I'm going to puke." he whimpered. We scrambled about for something for him to throw up in and I grabbed a large soda cup, with a cover and a straw. In the back he and his sister struggled to get the lid off. Such a simple thing except when you're in a hurry. Jonah was convulsing and gagging and me and Tamie were yelling "Just pull the lid off! Just yank it off!" Aaaaaand, whew just in time.

Anyway, once arrived at Tamie's sister's house we changed into our Sunday best for my nephew's ordination as a Deacon (at twelve years old in Mormon-land is when that happens). I snapped this pic of my hot wife.

Yeah, I can't get enough of her. After church family dinner of beans, pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad and orange cream jello. It's a full house, all twelve of my kids generation, cousins, running around



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