Made the bus in seconds flat

Woke up.
Got out of bed.
Dragged a comb
across my head!

Willow is sick, did I mention that? So a few nights back she's coughing in the middle of the night, my wife has her in bed with us. So, I get up and move to the guest room to get some shuteye. And I kind of started setting up a study down there. It's underground and the exterior windows are under the porch so it's dark and quiet. I joke that I'm in the sensory deprivation chamber while my wife is in the sleep deprivation chamber (in my defense I did take care of the kids all Sunday and let her completely rest the whole day).

So last night I nod off around maybe 9pm, in complete peace. Around 1am I wake up and who is laying next to me in her favorite blanket? Yes, Willow. She got up and came down to be with me. She was completely at peace, no cough and sleeping soundly. I was too tired to take her back upstairs. The darling is feeling a lot better today.

The studio Vampire Counts are coming along quite nicely. They make me happy, I can't wait to play a game with them. Here's what will be done by Thursday.

1x Vampire Lord
120x Zombies
60x Skeletons
6x Vargheist
2x Vampire Bat alternates
3x Zombie Ogre fillers
10x Dire Wolves




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