Got this letter from a soldier:

Dear shawn,

My name is [P.S.], im a corporal in the United Stated Marine Corps and i just got back from my last tour in Iraq a little over a year ago. Every time you come back from a tour it is kind of like "well what the hell do i do now?" and it gets harder and harder to fit in with everyday people like i used to. Somehow i stumbled upon your Blue Table Painting Youtube channel a few weeks after i got back and i found myself laughing for the first time in a long while. I remember shaking my head thinking "who is this goofy man?" You were showing of the magnetic movement trays and turning them upside down showing off how well they hold.
So i pretty much went from being angry and frustrated all of the time to watching your guy's videos every day and cracking up, slowly but surely feeling genuinely happy and more like my old self. Whenever i would have a bad day or wake up from nightmares i would watch one of your battle reports and it would cheer me right up. A couple months later i started with the Warhammer hobby once again and turned painting into a kind of relaxation/ unwinding time where i would watch your videos and paint a squad or a tank for a few hours each day.
During the summer my brother got deployed to iraq so i started my own Youtube channel called 'drok cola painting' where i would make battle reports and videos of my latest paintjobs that he could watch while he was over in the sandbox. i was pretty much solely inspired by you to create my own channel because i know firsthand how laughter and exposure to positivity can do wonders for your mind.
People always come up to me and thank me for my service and tell me how much we do for the country, but i think it is you guys, the small business owners and entrepreneurs who are the ones who really deserve to be thanked. I just do my job, you guys are the ones who are laying down your livelihoods and creating new jobs, i would say that takes just as much courage as stepping onto the battlefield.
Basically i just want to say thank you, you guys produce outstanding miniatures and uplifting videos with just the right amount of goofiness, entertainment, and bad dice rolling with some teaching thrown in. At the very least you have definitely helped one old veteran get his head back on straight. I'm going back to Afghanistan in November but i will get to go to Adepti-con in Chicago this April so maybe i will see you guys there.
Once again thank you, and keep up the great videos.

Semper Fi



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