Questioning Authority

I had a dream last night. I was standing in line at the foyer of a large building, like a church or theatre maybe, downtown of a large city. Not a familiar place to me. I was with other parents and their kids, but I was just by myself, no family. This chubby woman with spectacles comes (a teacher?) in through a side door and tells one mother that they have to take her son to "see a movie and do some tests". The parents of the boy sheepishly comply and the boy sets off through the door with the woman.

But I stop her and start asking questions, "Where are you taking him? What is he going to see? What are the tests?" And to the parents, "Don't you want to know what they are going to do with him?" Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy, except the mother who slowly seems to get a sense of recognition on her face.

Then I look around and think, what am I doing waiting in this line, so I go out the door and head down a tree-lined city street. A woman, perhaps ten years younger than me, and dark-haired leaves as well. We're walking at roughly the same pace so I ask if I can walk along with her and talk to her. She says, "Yes, and I'm just as pissed as you are." Then I notice that I'm wearing a life jacket. I can't believe they got me to wear a life jacket when I didn't need it! As I take it off I feel myself starting to wake up.

I turn to the woman and say "Quick! Tell me your name before I dissolve from this reality!"

She does. I won't write it here, but it's not a name that I'm familiar with. Initials are A.K. Or possibly A is the middle name so it's B.A.K.

Alaska? Or maybe my brain is doing nocturnal anagrams again.



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