Zombie Ogres

This is my wife's "seriously?" look. I get it quite often. Really? Really you're doing that?

Saturday morning I headed to Provo with my lovely wife, yes that's this morning. Spring is in the air. The weather is super nice. There are runners everywhere, Provo's a college town. Out in front of my house there are a few green shoots coming up with tiny star-shaped white flowers. Winter showed up late with his coat half on and Spring was like, "Dude, just go back home I got this."

We ran our little errand then went to breakfast at a chic little place called Communal. I little hippie, and they use only local ingredients. Gourmet stuff and totally worth the wait. But you sit at a long table with other people, elbow to elbow which made for a different experience. One guy let my wife try his food which never happens of course at a normal restaurant. Then we swung by the local game shop, which my wife finds a bore, but guess what? she drags me to all sorts of crap that is of zero interest to me. I picked up #1 of 6 for the Kingmaker series for Pathfinder, looks great.

My wife's car was totaled a few weeks ago and they finally picked it up, so she's driving my car around which is kind of sad. Successful businessman... no car.

Then off to work. I headed straight downstairs and started putting together Undead for the studio Vampire Counts army. While I was sorting through bitz a few days back I found a lot of super really cool conversion stuff AND about thirty zombies already mostly put together. I managed a few conversions and three converted zombie ogres using arms and parts from the new Crypt Horrors kit. I'm feeling confident. It's starting to come together.

Then I went to a cottage meeting for State Senate, about eight delegates from our neighborhood. I really should be taking more pictures.

Right now I'm watching Real Steel with my boys. Oh how I love my family. I can't get enough of them. I am amazed at how lovely life it. When I was out with my wife this morning I had a moment of bliss as I put my hand around a glass of water. Such a simple thing, but for a moment it was sublime-- how much joy can come from the senses of this body I am in.

Life gets better folks.



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