Lazy Saturday Night

I went and saw John Carter of Mars. I'm going to say that it's one of the best sci-fi movies ever. Very, very, very well-done. I read and loved the books as a young man, and re-reading them now. The plot was muscular and tightly-woven. I was emotionally involved with the characters and the action was like two hours of firm brain-stroking.

The only thing that was not true to the spirit of the books: Dejah Thoris was wearing way too many clothes. But I was happy that I could let my kids watch it when it's on DVD. Amazing flick, go see it in the theater. I plan on seeing it twice.

Also, I'm hanging out just waiting for calls and emails for new projects, we are ready!

For those that might be interested, we are bringing on three new people in the coming weeks. You may or may not see them on Youtube. One front office (Michelle found another job, more hours and closer to home), one Painter (now training/testing two new ones, but still have our eyes open for the near future), and one Assembler (this is wide, wide open). We need someone to step in like two weeks ago. That said, we are working over a hump of a few projects during the next week and a half, BUT after that we are wide open and will be working at a devilish pace, so it's a great time to set up a project.

We are getting extremely talented and qualified painters in. Professionals, and professionally trained.

For all positions we are working through a brutal, rigorous selection process. We only want the best for our clients.

And now a really nice letter I got!

Hey Hey Shawn and BTP staff,

To start off, this is not an inquiry about a purchase, so if that's all you're looking for at the moment then please feel free to skip this email.

I'm writing to you today to express my sheer adoration of everything that BTP is and stands for. I've been watching your videos for about 3-4 years now and they never fail to entertain, everything is well explained, good humored, family oriented, and generally amusing. I recently ordered some Eldar (dark reapers) from the scrap yard and they came in just a few days with very good packaging and in great condition (of which I'm sure you're already aware). Alot of companies I've dealt and worked with just don't have the quick shipping and reasonable price line BTP does, or the sense of family and security that comes with dealing with that kind of company. Really I'm just very thankful for everything you've done and are doing, your online presences as well as the things you've talked about in your neighborhood. I'm not an incredible writer, but if I where, I would have many more and elaborate things to say :)

I wish I had the funding to support you more financially, but unfortunately I don't, so I'm not in a position to order anything custom, though I truly admire your work and wish I could. From me to everyone in the BTP staff, keep doing what you're doing, and have a nice day :D



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