Bachelor Pad

It's been a few days since I made a post. It's been really busy down at the studio, be we are getting caught up. There's been a logjam in assembly, but that is near to being cleared. It's a natural push and pull; sometimes a lot of clients want their models assembled (instead of sending them in all ready to paint). We like doing the assembly, don't get me wrong.

I am still setting up projects for June, still time to get on board. Things are wide open in July. I am completely at your disposal for any matter.

I'm done with the Oceanic Eldar. The only thing I might add would be a couple of Falcon Turrets (to switch out with the Night Spinners) and maaaaybe a Scorpion Grav Tank. That would bring it to 3000 pts. It's a generous 2400 points now.

The orks are in process. I've got about twenty more boys assembled up with some conversions to make them a little different (eg different close combat weapons). That's a solid 1500 pts already. I'm actually quite excited to play them. It'll be a nice change of pace from prancing around with the Eldar.

So many games, not enough time.

I've been really stressing out recently. There were some unexpected expenses this last month and that really put the hurt on. We've all been there. Running a business has some insane pressures. But as time wears on I don't get as worked up each time. I'm getting tougher. Most of my problems are financial or adminstrative in nature. I think this will prepare me for future challenges.

Last night I was snuggled in bed with my wife, the window open to the spring air, the gentle chirping of crickets outside. And the rustle of gentle wind in the aspens. We watched Iron Man on her laptop and ate rice krispie treats with a huge glass of ice cold milk.

The baby was up at 3am, and again at 6am, so I just got started right off. The kids were all asleep helter skelter in the living room. Summer break is a magical time. My wife and I are firm believers in unstructured time; we don't like to have our kids in too many programs, if any. When I was growing up the only activity I was really involved in was D&D. I had almost complete freedom to come and go as I pleased from age 12. I had a GREAT childhood to say the least.

Anyway, Sarah is out this week. She's spending some summertime with her family, so I'm pulling double duty. The happiness level is down about 40%.

For lunch today my wife showed up with three of the four kids. We picked up some cheap chinese lunch special and headed back to the studio for some Magic with Renn and Joseph.

What else? Still got those various armies. A box full of Lord of the Rings and another full of Khador; Chaos Mortals ready to go, too. I should do a studio update tomorrow. I haven't done one because the main table is strewn with painting materials and various Orks.

A good friend of mine moved away today. I am very sad.



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