Use me and Abuse me

I am standing by to set up projects for June. I am completely at your disposal for any matter, any inquiry.

The baby has learned to roll over from her back to her belly. Unfortunately she doesn't like to be on her belly. And she lets us know three times a night. "Help! I'm on my belly! I don't know how to fix it!" Poor sweetheart.

I spent the morning looking over the studio stock of Daemons. I found three flamers, six daemonettes, four hounds of khorne, one Karanak, and one fiend of slaanesh, and ten bloodletters. The various concepts I had for the army just did not come together. Plus it didn't seem very fun to play. So, I have scratched the studio Daemons army

However, I found a significant vein of models for another army. Nope, not going to tell you what it is, but it will coalesce at a clipper pace. I will be starting to paint models for it tomorrow at Paint Fest.



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