Nice to Hear

[Got this email from a BTP Fan. I'm always impressed when someone has seen "every" video we've put up because that's pushing 40 man-hours of viewing.]


I'd like to introduce myself; My name is Sam, I'm a U.S. Navy sailor, stationed at the [redacted] in sunny (read: humid) [redacted]. I was a LONG time video game fanatic, playing almost anything I could get my hands on since the days of the Commodore 64. I tried the beta test for Dawn of War 2, on recommendation from a friend, and that's when the bug bit. He used to be a manager at a comic book store, and had some passing knowledge of 40K, and I started constantly nagging him for more information about the fluff, and the miniatures. He filled me in with what he knew, but we found ourselves quickly spiraling down into the deep desire to become a part of the hobby. I obviously don't have a lot of money, being a military member and all, so I wanted to start on the cheap.

I purchased the AoBR Painting set, with the five snap-together marines, six colors of paint in the tiny pots, and a starter brush. I was completely hooked! I decided that I wanted to start building a custom chapter of marines, buying whatever I could afford and adding to the army slowly. I bought another smaller box of marines (three snap-together tactical marines) and tested out my idea for the chapter colors. Next came a box of assault marines, then a battleforce (a happy day for me... not my wife), the AoBR box, and just recently a vindicator.

I've got quite a way to go on my army, and I'm a terribly slow painter, but what I love is the calm methodic peace I get from painting. It's certainly an enjoyable creative outlet.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because as far as I'm concerned, you and your employees have become my guides into this wonderful past-time. I've watched nearly every youtube video that Blue Table Painting has posted, watching many of the battle reports multiple times. I'm constantly encouraged by your enthusiasm, spirit, and joy for all things war gaming. I just can't thank you guys enough for your major contribution to the wargaming world.

Though I greatly enjoy the painting now, perhaps in the future I'll be honored to use your companies services as there's no doubt in my mind who I would trust more with an army.




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