Sleek Ships

My day began with a start: a dream of the End of the World: lightning flashes ten per second over a distant city, coming ever closer; hiding the family in the cellar as the wind grows stronger, and dark clouds gather, and finally an unstoppable horde of half-men-half-dragon sent to raze my home town, on orders to kill every living thing. So, at 4:30am I was wide awake and got started on the day's work.
I am currently booking projects for June. So, bring it on I say. I am running the Imperial Guard special (see below) and expanding the tanks deal to any race.
For the remainder of this week I am putting the studio Lizardmen on special at $1250. Remember it comes with a signed Dealio by Sarah. See here for details on what's in it:
I never got around to playing Renn. We are both so busy. Hopefully later this week, maybe Saturday.



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