The other day I was at Wal Mart to pick up some eggs and bread and I realized that I didn't want anything. Not a single thing in the whole store.

I'm satisfied with what I have. In fact, I am profoundly grateful for what I have. Especially my family. I'm enjoying every minute.

That got me thinking. What makes wealth and satisfaction? If I made a list of everything that I wanted or needed (materially) in this life, what would be on it?

I suppose there are two categories of goods: durable and perishable. Of course, myself and my family need food and heat. Other things, like dishes and clothes are fairly durable. Is it possible for the demand for a certain type of item (like cars) to be filled? And I don't just mean an individual, but as a nation. How many cars are in the US? Is there a point where we really don't need to make many more new cars? That's just one example.

I grew up the 80s and we were poor. Like, "open the cupboard and there's one can in there" poor. But I never registered that. It felt normal at the time. When I was a senior in High School I was out on my own, working evenings at McDonald's for $3.25 an hour (PS- the US Dollar has been so inflated in the last hundred years through printing of money its purchasing power has been reduce to less than ten cents in that time) to pay $84 a month in rent. A lady from a local church made sure I had plenty of jam and peanut butter. I would make quadruple decker PB&J sandwiches and wash them down with mighty gulps direct from a gallon of ice cold milk. That was a moment of paradaisical pleasure.

The pan that I fry my eggs in probably has a life of at least ten years.

So, I'm really in a place where I'm just happy with what I have. I want to pay off our debts. That's the main thing right now. My secondary goal is to improve the situation of people that work at BTP. That would be really great.

Having said all that. I do have goals for the business. The principle one is to move into a better studio. Something with windows and natural sunlight.

Reading this you shouldn't suppose that I'm unambitious or lazy. Quite the contrary. I want to grow the business up (not out) by enhancing the quality of the operation in every aspect. And I want to grown my personal life more deeply, to concentrate on time and experiences and people rather than things.

I've got some other thoughts percolating, too. What if banks are actually a negative net item in a society? What about not retiring and just working to the day I die? Is it possible to save enough resources (not paper money, the gov't is inflating the supply too quick to make it a sound investment, even at interest) to retire comfortable without any interest-bearing assets? What if I didn't get any medical care in my old age and just let my body wind down like nature intended?



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