Ultimate Sunday

Saturday night I collapsed from complete exhaustion and slept soundly through the night.
I like Sunday because I don't do any work. It allows me to get away from the constant thrum of business concerns and focus on family and spiritual matters. And to read books (including army books!). As I mentioned, I have sworn off financial/political stuff for the rest of May. That has been harder than I thought. I realized how much politics I consume every day: probably two to four hours a day of books, TV, radio, internet (articles and video); with no stripe omitted (conservative, liberal, libertarian and even conspiracy theory stuff).
I've been reading General Conference and some stuff by S. W. Kimball. I am also picking my way through C.S. Lewis's Perelandra (third read-- feels like the first), and a book of Aesop's fables.
I've been working on a few articles for the blog about religion (temples and cosmic stuff). But I don't think anything is going to come of it. If at least three people request it, I'll put the rough draft up here later.
I have had a profound personal transformation for the better recently. I can't get into too any details, but it's significantly changed my outlook.
I got two of the kids ready for church in like five minutes; Kenna and Griffin came with me and we claimed our pew. Griffin was crawling all over me, literally up on my shoulders and almost upside down. So, we went out for a walk about halfway through. The baby and other son arrived later. My wife's hair looked different and I liked it a lot, commenting about how great it looked on her, but she explained that it was not washed nor treated in any way, just thrown together. Well, she cleans up well. Isn't that how that works.
Joseph's family was out of town so we had him over to dinner; corn on the cob, beef, artichokes, tamales, guacamole, washed down with crushed ice and home-squeezed lemonade. We played Magic until it was two hours past the kids bedtimes. My wife had fallen asleep in the other room.
So I got the kids to bed and laid to rest for the new week.



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