Games Workshop Profit Margin

Since Games Workshop is a public company you can access their yearly reports online. They give a pretty clear view of what their costs and profits are if you want to wade through it all. Here is their latest filing for the fiscal year ending May 2010:

From the Highlights, they made 125.6 million pounds in gross sales with a pre-tax profit of 16.1 million pounds. This gives a margin of 12.72%. Further down it lists taxes paid, etc. Their corporate tax rate was 6.5% which on page 25 was a bit over 1 million pounds.

The total profit was 15 million pounds so their margin was 11.8% so for every $100 they sell, they keep as profit $11.80. Then of course they need to give the share holders their dividends. On page 32 the dividends paid were 7.7 million pounds meaning the company added 7.3 million pounds to their balance sheet. They gave $6.03 out of every $100 to their shareholders and... drum roll...

After all is said and done for the fiscal year that ended in May of 2010, they kept $5.77 for every $100 they sold.




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