Scourges and other Conversions

Just saw these scourge conversions, very nice.

We can make these at $11 a model unpainted and $19 a model painted.

Also, I got in an absolute ton of raw materials for other unpublished Dark Eldar figures. Conversions. Notably these hounds.

Valhalla is going well, we are just now past day one of three (or four depending on how you count it). At least an hour of footage forthcoming. Apparently there is internet access up here after all so that's a big deal.

Captain's Log: Supplemental
It is right around 4:30am up at the mountain fortress. A gentle snow has fallen, perhaps four inches, wrapping the valley in a soundproof layer of perfect white. I am in the rec room downstairs writing up the scenarios for today's event.

Score after the first round is: Imperials 5, Orks 5.

For those that may be interested, here is the mission and some of the supplemental items from Thursday's Round One.


+++ Imperial’s Briefing

Vorlax Prime has been overrun with Orks. Only a few valiant rearguard remain, but even those are scrambling to find a ship and break orbit. The last flight out is the Rogue Trader Alkonost. Your force has been sent to scatter the Orks so a high value target can be extracted.

Location: Vesper Crystal Fields Random Game Length

Target: Muri Retrov Imperials go first

Your force begins the game entirely in reserve as outflankers. See p94 of rulebook.

1-2 Your left side

3-4 Your right side

5-6 You choose left or right

Since no reserves arrive the first turn, you will not go until the second turn. However, if you have infiltrators or scouts you may have them enter from any board edge on the first turn, and they may act normally.

The Orks have a deployment zone in the center of the board 14” from every edge. They have to prevent you from clearing a dustoff zone. While it does not enter play as such, you should imagine a flying vehicle hovering overhead, the defenders trying to shoot it away.

At the end of your fourth and subsequent turns, if you can fit a 10” apocalypse template entirely inside the Orks’ deployment zone without touching an enemy model then you win the scenario. Muri is airlifted to safety.

Because of the Primary Generator, all models on the landing pad, ramps or generator have cover.

Imperials Secret Objective: Destroy the Primary Generator

There is a single large generator of AV12. A glancing or penetrating hit destroys it. However, they are protected by a powerful defensive field. Any shot from more than 4” away is met with AV15. Also, ignore the first glancing or penetrating hit.

Stratagem: Precision Strike

You have rescued Muri Retrov. You get to use him at no points cost in your army in subsequent games. He has a stat line and abilities. Muri gives you the Precision Strike stratagem. Reveal in the shooting phase of one of your player turns (one use only during Round Two or Three). Pick one enemy unit (not a flyer); all friendly models that fire at the chose enemy unit and are found to be in range hit on a 2+ in that turn’s Shooting Phase.

Stratagem: Shields are Down

You have destroyed both generators at the crystal fields denying the Orks crucial materials for their super-heavy war machines. Use this after deployment during any game. One Ork super-heavy immediately loses one structure point.



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