Got Me Again

I took my wife out on a date last night, just a modest affair for a bit of Indian food up in Provo. Before we left I said that I was only up for just the one outing, a needed disclaimer as it usually ends up being three or more subsidiary stops. Better to stay one step ahead of her.

I tried something new: chicken Dhansak (lentils and pineapple). Not my new fave, but still good. After we left she said hey let's go for a walk at the mall. She likes to take two or three miles of rounds. Aha! No so fast lady! I already disclaimed the date for no extra trips! Well OK, she conceded, how about we just stop for some milk (as I had been brutally nagging her about no milk).

That sly lady made me power walk all eighteen aisles of that grocery store. Power walkers coming through, step aside you regular walkers!

Foiled again.



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