Slicing and Dicing

In spite of the pic of a wicked venom before you, this post has pretty much no game-related items. You can buy an assembled Venom unpainted from us for $60. Painted for $90. We do them with magnetized base and sail (for storage) on request.

So here's the deal folks, not much on the blog these days because I am running myself ragged on big projects. And not in a bad way mind you, I am loving it. Plus keeping up with the studio, so keep those inquiries and projects coming.

There is a building a few blocks away. We are moving into that building on March 30. Until then we will be in our current location, doing business as normal with all hands on deck, so don't worry about an address change until I say as much. And even then don't worry as we will have things forwarded.

It's in the works for us to own the building. I can't give out more details than that but it's a big deal. About the new building: It's an enormous rectangular bunker with foot thick concrete and brick walls. The building's origins are lost in the mists of time. There are two main beams, over a foot and a half thick and running nearly the length of the entire fortress and no knots as far as I can tell. They don't make 'em like that any more. The main level is 4000 square feet and with maple hardwood floors (like an open dance studio) and the partially subterranean lower level is another 4000 square feet (like a pillared hall). On top of that there is a warehouse out back. And something like fifteen dedicated parking spaces. It's an outstanding piece of property.

One thing being considered at this time: wouldn't it be great to have a game shop on the lower level? Would you like to be BTP's game shop neighbor? It would be a great combination.

The place needs some love, no doubt, and we are getting that all together in the next eight weeks. We are going to make it a place of goodness, light and healing. Yes we're doing this, Valhalla, and Adepticon apparently. So, let's keep it ramped up folks, the dream is in motion.

And it will be televised for your viewing pleasure.



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