These little cottage accessory businesses are cropping up everywhere. I don't know if it can be stopped. In fact, you can't stop the free market, it simply can't be done.

When I was in Chile, I spent an afternoon downtown in the capital of Santiago. There was a grand walking avenue lined with shops, really nice places, but in front of them an enormous row of ragged dirt-poor vendors with their wares spread out on a cloth. When the carabineros (police) would come into sight they would gather up their miniature shop by the four corners and blend in with the crowd. Even with uniformed military police with machine guns the free market, the black market, could not be stopped.

This is why the suit by GW against Chapterhouse is so important. I only skimmed it, but if I read it right GW is claiming that they own as IP not just their specific items, but a broad sweeping set of ideas and concepts. It's an insane power grab.

Anyway, Kromlech miniatures produces at least twenty different items. They are carried by Warpath Games in the US. Thanks to BoLS for turning me on to them.

The only problem with Kromlech is that they are in the EU.

I'll be making an order soon and getting them into the Ork army for Valhalla. Which by the way is coming up on February 24-27 and also March 24-27. Four days and three nights. It's not too late to pick up a ticket. Remember you can pay half up front and half within 30 days AFTER the event.

Work on the alien jungle table is underway. We have one or two more in the works. Again for Valhalla.

And while you were sleeping Infinity created a miniatures range with about six hundred different items. I bought a second edition rulebook for the game, just for giggles and that should be in today.



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