Scattered Showers

It's been raining out in Utah. The large mounds of snow piled up on the side of the road are starting to dissolve. It is quite beautiful. I love rain.

I've been working insanely hard this last week: preparations for Valhalla, staying up on communications, and the preparation work for the new studio. I have kept the Valhalla boards and miniatures mostly under wraps. You won't see them until around next Saturday or Monday. Don't let that stop you from contacting me. Our turnaround is better than ever right now. We need money to fund our projects.

We are reviving part of the downtown of a small town. We are clearing the weeds, old boards and returning an abandoned old building to productivity. We are hiring new people. Humans are being lifted from the mire of unemployment by you. We are into all sorts of charities and positive community works.

I took the kids to Wal Mart (yes, still shopping there for the time being) for a treat and also to pick up some new fish. We got two freshwater fiddler crabs. I love those little critters; scuttling around snapping at the fish if they stray too close and stuffing their little faces with scum nuggets. One of the fish died and the two fiddlers just went nuts. They fought like gladiators over the carcass, circling and snapping until one finally dragged it under a rock and ate the whole thing to the bone. It would be like me eating a 200 pound steak in one sitting. I don't understand how it was physically possible.

As for me, I'm healthy and feeling good. I'm off the wagon with diet, though, but still eating better than before. Down about five pounds still. My family life is a dream. My son just got glasses so he looks like a little nerd, like me. He's the smart one so it's a fit.

Willow is my little buddy. When I get home, and I'm decompressing in front of the TV she sits right next to me and drapes one leg over mine and plays with my fingers. She is getting vocal and verbose. As an odd developmental quirk she doesn't like people to sing around her, a real problem at our house. Even I, off-key and tuneless, like to sing parody songs and little children's tunes that I make up. Last week at church when the opening hymn was struck up, she became quite disconcerted and stood up, turned around (this little cute blonde girl in a cream dress) and started yelling at the top of her lungs "STOP! STOP!" and waving her arms wildly. Hilarity ensues.

After playing Dark Eldar the other day I really want to make a Dark Eldar army. They are ever so enjoyable to play, quick and deadly with TONS of options. I want to make an army with 6-9 Venoms and three supersonic flyers. Voidraven. What a great name. But that is a month or two off before the budget will allow it.

Ron Paul talks a lick of sense

I came across an interesting idea during my various readings last year. Let's say that in the US we have economic system A. People come along and say A is not working, is disadvantageous, and that B would be better. The A people come back and say "Well, B is just a theory and they don't have a leg to stand on, it's never been proven." Do you see the genius of the argument? It assures that system A is perpetuated forever. That's where we are in the US. We are coming up on a hundred years of the Federal Reserve (2013). We were born in the Emerald City, we don't know any color besides green.

I don't believe that. I want to abolish the Federal Reserve, abolish the income AND corporate taxes completely, replacing them with nothing, and prune back the Federal Government by 90%. Sounds like heresy doesn't it? If you love a tree you must prune it. And our tree is groaning and rotten with too many branches, dark, moldy and sagging to the ground.

Those resources do not disappear. If the Federal Government doesn't get the money, it is then released for use by states, counties, cities and individuals. Abolish the department of education and what happens? Private schools will fill the void. Will it be perfect? No, but you the individual citizen will have more control.



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