Flower Bed

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I got on my scoutmaster uniform and headed downtown Spanish Fork with my wife and a handful of cub scouts (including my own son).

It is spring flower-planting. The various wards are called on to plant all the flowerbeds down main street. The city provided a sheet of paper showing where to plant the seedlings in the long oval bed.

After that I headed to the studio. I was going to do a War Machine batrep but I couldn't find the rulebooks I needed, Mike D. didn't show up (I think he told me Saturday was a no-go and I just forgot). I'm missing like over $200 worth of rulebooks. I managed to find a few hardbacks with an artist (I gave her permission but forgot).

I get a lot done on Saturday. No distractions. Assembly is all prepped for the coming week.

So, instead of a War Machine batrep we headed up to the local game shop (Renn, James, and I) to pick up War Machine models and get started. I've got my beloved TEAL Retribution army (but no book!) so I'm set to go. Got Mike bringing in two War Machine armies on Monday.

I got home around 7pm, rang the doorbell and got my two sons out front pulling up dandelions. At least the vestiges of dandelions. We go out every day and rip up even the sproutlings. I will not give them a chance.

My wife was at a vegan cooking class. Or I guess food preparation since they don't cook things.

I took my beloved four children to a jumping inflatable playground thing. My daughter pulled five stuffed animals from one of those claw machines, one after another. Great, now the kids think they can win those things (we normally forbid them). I asked the attendant if that was normal and she said that it was unusual to get even one.

We swung by Wal Mart and picked up BBQ fixins. Hamburgers and hot dogs. In fact I cooked me up a hamburger when I got home. Then good night for me. Home sweet home.

It is now Sunday morning. I'm in bed with wife and two boys watching an episode of Dr. Who (Amy's Choice).



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