Miniatures System

Hi, I just want to say I love your youtube videos, I especially love your musings and fantasy battle reports.

So I just watched your open mic about what you would like to include in a new minatures game, and I would love to share with you my ramblings. These are more about the style of model kits and not particularly about game theme or rules.

I was thinking about model kits and your recent magnetised Tau project. I was thinking what If you buy a box which containts figures and armor/weapon parts that are all magnetised. So you have a glueless kit that makes up many combination of figures, each time you play you can change your models setup. The box would come with a lot of accessories to allow you to really customize your minatures. You could buy duplicate starter kits to obtain more parts and figures. From a sales point of view, you could launch a game like this with very few kits to start with and a single rule book and customers could buy as many kits as they needed figures and parts. Also if the scale is the same as fantasy/40k there is no reason people can't buy your kits for their own conversions. Each time a new kit is launched you can upgrade your current figures so your not replacing figures all the time.

The downside of this could be cost, but I personally would pay a slightly higher amount for figures if I wasnt limited to their use or needed 100+ of them.

Weapons could be customisable to support the magnetised peices, so you actually build your characters weapon, I'd compare this to dwarf runic weapons but with more of an engineering perspective so your not just adding +1 to a stat your changing the way the weapon works.

To summarise, you have a skirmish game which is easy to put together and customise, the rules should allow complex character builds and remove the need for filler troops. You can turn up to the place you play your games and build your force there while your mates do the same, transport is easy because you can carry parts.

So hopefully this hasn't taken too much of your time, you guys do some amasing work.

oh and if you guys ever had the time, it would be great to see a dwarven fantasy battle report. I'm just getting into them and I'm not sure yet what really works and what doesn't.




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