I took of from work early, picked up my eldest son and headed to the mall to watch Thor. I'm easy to please, let's remember that. I loved it. I want to see it again in the theater. The scenes of the realm of the gods with the galactic core burning in the sky really strikes a cord with me. Great effects that really captured the awesomeness of Asgard. Thor starts the films as a like-able but cocky hero who is full of himself. His transformation is believable. The costumes are absolutely stunning. Super-cool.

We split a hot dog, root beer. And my usual of Junior Mints and Whoppers.

The movie Thor also has parallels with mormon cosmology-- coming to a mortal world, two brothers with differing views of the kingdom, being cast out. Anyway, food for thought for me at least.

Got the boys on dandelion duty now. I'm going to rip those suckers out every day. They are pestilent weeds that drive out the desirable plants. I see whole lawns that have been completely taken over by them. It takes constant vigilance to be sure they don't grow out of control. Their nature: take over unless checked.

In an unrelated note, the federal government is eating up 25% of the net productivity of the entire nation. The number keeps getting bigger folks. I'm always interested to know: how big would the number need to be before you would do something about it? Because there is a critical point where there is no easy way to roll it back.

Saturday morning was ward cleanup. Spring Cleaning. About twenty guys from the neighborhood put on a breakfast at a local pavilion. All private property. The voluntary action of free men unforced. We take care of each other in a substantive way. People are not left out. This is an important part of the human experience. It's easy to get insulated. I think that hardships bring people together. Necessity bring people together.

The big news on Saturday was the Batrep of Batreps between me and Josh. He brought his High Elves. I played Empire (now my new favorite army). We got in the new Tomb Kings book as well as two copies of each of the three new boxed set releases. I am in love with the new Tomb Kings. I got in a 2000+ pt army on trade and I'm going to flesh that out into a full 5000 pointer for use at Valhalla. However, I am also willing to sell them at $1350 for the base army.

Also, I mis-ordered Dwarfs. I got nine extra boxes of Warriors and nine extra boxes of Thunderers. If anyone wants to pick some up I am selling them at 40% off plus actual shipping cost. I would love to find someone to take the lot (in which case I would go 45% off) but I'm also willing to split them.

I am still waiting on our order of Infinity. Looking forward to playing that. I'm also looking at my Retribution War Machine army, need to give them a run.

My wife was out last night so I spent the afternoon with my lovely children. Oh, how I love them. They have taken over the downstairs. We call it "club Gately". They watch movies, play games, and make blanket forts. We went out to Wal Mart for groceries. It was super crowded; shopping cart gridlock. Yes, I just tried to use a semi-colon just there. It's my new favorite punctuation. At least I'm out there and trying.

In case I didn't mention it, Spring in Utah is gorgeous. The mountains are white and green, standing majestic in the background. Flowers and flowering trees. You get the picture.



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