It is the most beautiful time of year in Utah right now. White snow on the mountains, green leaves on the trees, and every other color flowers and blossoms. And something in the air, like rain-filtered mountain wind. Spirits are high.

As you may have sensed (dear reader) from previous posts, the weight of the new building and Valhalla have been pretty heavy, but now I feel like I have come to the summit of a hill and I can see all the way to the end now. I am more optimistic than ever and both projects seem doable. I stretched and now it would seem that both goals will happen this year. Lovely.

PS- still tickets left for June 2-5 Valhalla. You just need to get here!

I set my older son age 9 to weed the dandelions out of the front yard and his genius idea was to dig them out with a shovel. He proceeded to gouge out huge clods of earth with a shovel each the size of a softball. My lawn looks even worse than before (if that is even possible) like an angry golfer had played through with twenty strokes.

So, I go inside to vent to my wife about my son who's too smart for that saying "I think he's doing a terrible job just to get out of it". To which she responded, "hmmm I wonder where he learned that?!" D'oh!

Kids really are paying attention.

On Saturday I got a hankering for a burger and I ended up pounding an Angusburger from McDs along with a large fry and chocolate shake. I think all that sugary, greasy, genetically modified clod of fast food made me sick. Not sick to my stomach just nauseous overall, and combined with a stress headache from fourteen hours a day of staring at the computer screen made me pass out on Saturday night and feel like I was just recovered on Sunday morning. I pounded fruit and veggies and water to finally feel better.

Ah, blessed Sunday. If it weren't for Sunday I would work myself to death no doubt. I worked on my cards-only super-simple RPG and hung out with the family. Oh how I love them all. My beloved wife is just a flower of a woman, so easy to get along with. Getting ready for church was a breeze without so much as an ounce of frustration. We're getting really good at it.

As for this blog, I hope to get more gaming stuff up soon and keep it that way. I realize it's become a bit thinner than usual. I am working on shoring up staff at the studio to make things run a lot smoother. No complaints though we are growing.



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