WIP shots

Here's a few progress shots of the new studio. It's had a lot done to it. If you look right past the trash can you can see a white rectangle on the lower part of the wall. That's where the entrance used to be. This building is turning out gorgeous. All this is being funded with a lot of goodwill and hard work by the way. If you love this company and want to see the amazing things we have next it's time to order an army (or a unit, or anything!).

We should be done by the end of May. I plan on shooting a lot of video and releasing a lot of video I've been taking the whole time. What you're seeing here is an enclosed front area, less than a tenth of the total space.

I got in a Tomb Kings army in trade. I plan on expanding it with new stuff I have on order and also a giant bin of raw tomb kings materials we've got in back. This for use at Valhalla June 2-5.



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