Ice Cold Fury

While campaigning for Mike Lee (now Senator) I met a few of his staff. Apparently one of them remembered me when I sent in an email. I have to say that was really super. Here's the letter that I wrote.

I've wanted for a while to write a letter, and just never seemed like it was "official" enough. So here goes.

I want something as a citizen: for the Federal Government to be shrunk down to about 2% of GDP. To fill only the most basic and strictest interpretation of its enumerated powers.

I want the income and corporate taxes to be abolished completely. Reduced to 0%. The Federal Gov't should be run on "other" taxes only which should come to about $200B per year (current dollars). Or less!

I am a small business owner. My employees are bleeding to death from taxation. Employer side taxes keep wages down and prices up.

The tax accountants I have to hire (on account of the code being 72,000 pages long) at $75 an hour cuts into what would otherwise go into the pockets of the workers.

I have to spend about forty hours a year keeping records so that I can prove my innocence just in case a low-level IRS bureaucrat decides to drop by. It is a false economy. By the time a business like mine is audited a man like me will have spent 1,200 hours just filing paperwork. By the time I die this system will have sucked out one full year of my life in just record-keeping. I am being deprived... of... my... life!

This is a form of involuntary servitude. I protest under the 13th amendment! I am coerced under threat of having my property and liberty taken from me by men with guns; threat of physical force. I have already lost part of my life. Who is going to pay me for the 160 man-hours I've spent under regulatory burden?

And not to mention the insult. I am frankly insulted that the Federal Gov't thinks that my finances are their business. I don't care if it's a dollar in taxes. My papers and personal effects are my business, no one else's. There are no less than four tax accountants that rummage through my numbers and accounts in order to keep me safe.

At the airport I am scanned down to my skin. On a recent trip the lock on my luggage was broken off (destruction of property) and my belongings rifled through and some things broken. Where are my fourth amendment rights?

This whole wretched condition must change. It can't change soon enough. Any steps in the right direction are appreciated. I am ready to fight through every peaceful means to see it changed. I am rounding up good men of like mind to support solid, constitutionalist candidates these coming years.

In short, I am flying my flag for my constitutional rights. That's all I want. I want to be free. No man should have to serve another man without his consent.

It may be that I am only a slim minority of people who wants this. I guess we'll find out. But in the meantime I have to do what I can to move the country in that direction.


As a supplemental note, here is a quote for one of my favorite books, "Leave Us Alone" by Grover Norquist:

"If the business community increated its political activism to the point where it simply invested in politics rasionally-- as it invests in normal business activity [for example: investing in a security system to prevent theft]-- it would dwarf all other political spending and sweep all political opponents before it"



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