Water Park

I had a dream last night.

A man fell asleep and he entered into another world. He forgot everything from his previous life.

A woman was in a water park in summer, near the gate, waiting. The sounds of children and laughter and splashing fill the air. The man appears, oblivious and happy at the gate. He see her, his wife, and runs into her arms.

As they embrace he tells her that he had a dream the he was without her, a terrible dream (this is his waking life). She knows that he will be there for only a few short moments. She replies, "I wish it were real, too". Then he backs up a few inches and looks at her face quizzically. She has a pained look.

He dissolves away out of her arms. He has woken up.

There is music playing. I couldn't place the song until this morning-- Glitter in the Air.



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