We didn't paint this model. It's the much more detailed inspiration for the studio Imperial Guard army now being painted. It's a treasure. That will be for sale soon.

Started up a bargain section for models for sale today.

I got up early today and put in a quite solid day. I had to cancel D&D as only Mike and Jason showed up. I think my group is disgruntled that I canceled last night. But right now I'm doing whatever it takes to make the ends meet at the business.

A guest came down for a visit and played a game of 40K with Thomas. There's a Batrep coming about that. Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves.

I'm still looking for Champions books. To whit:
Champions first edition (for nostalgia)
Champions Sixth edition books (core book, powers, universe, villains books of the various three types)
Champions adventures of any stripe

I would offer a "store credit" of $35 each for the sixth edition rulebooks, and retail value for others. I would prefer to trade for things that we have on hand, then secondarily, services. A bulk deal for a group would be keen.

Around 7:30 I went to the ward pool party. It was so great to visit with neighbors over a picnic-style dinner. I do so love the people in our ward! Willow had a snot-nose run all over her face then she played in the sandbox she was like a sprinkle donut. The swimming. Willow wanted to go down the slide thirteen times. Each time she turned to me to say (as we were flying down) "this is so fun dah-dee". She's a delight. I can't get enough of her and the other kids. Half me and half the woman I love. I got ten mosquito bites. Then I went back to work for a bit.

Once home we all rinsed off, put the swimsuits in the wash, and then two episodes of Dr. Seuss before bed. Life if super good. Now for some episodes of Voyager.



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