There Goes Rabbit He

Sometimes human reaction is illogical. For example, right now I feel like curling up in fetal Linkposition in abject defeat. Maximum hours and still not enough. Sigh.

How shall I start? It's the new building. There are times that I think that I should have just played it safe and sound at the last plateau. Did I bite off more than I can chew? This is nonsense when I am thinking straight. There is a cowardly rabbit in me who squeals when the fur is ripped out. But that rabbit must die! And underneath all the second-guessing, and futility is a real man, a morning son who is ready to get his knuckles bloody for something greater.

Raaaaaaargh! Chaaaaaaarge!

I've spent the last week doing interviews for the painting position opened by Janene and/or just another person to pick up the slack. I like meeting new people and we're a lot better at interviewing nowadays. The schedule was brutal, probably five hours a day, and that on top of the catchup that invariably follows Valhalla. But that effort has paid off. I am officially caught up tonight.

The quality of candidates this round was noticeably higher than in the past.

I'm ready to set up new projects.

Also, if you've had your eye on something around the studio now is the time to contact me. I want to convert those models into cash.



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